CEO greeting

Greetings from the CEO

CEO greeting


Since our establishment in 1996, 21st Century Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to research and development of new technologies and new methods to lead changes in the field of ultra-precision processing under the motto of “Enjoy change”.

We present a vision of sustainable growth based on this, L.C.T.

L – Laser : Processing technology that will lead the future
C – Component : Ultra-precision parts production technology
T – Tool : Ultra-precision cutting, cutting tool manufacturing technology

In line with the trend of the era of the 4th industrial revolution and digital transformation, we have secured the world’s most advanced technology in ultra-precision laser processing technology and polishing technology through the establishment of a cutting-edge intelligent smart factory and introduction of AI in all processes, and processing technology and methods that are not in the world. ,We will develop into a global technology company that provides customized technology by implementing equipment.

In addition, by introducing ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) management for future generations, we are doing our best to create a company that can serve as a model for present and future generations, thereby creating another become an asset.

2021.06. Appointed as president of Gyeonggi Southern Branch of Korea Industrial Intelligence Association (KOIIA)
2021.03. Completion of the CEO training course of the Federation of Korean Industries and acquisition of corporate management expert certificate (82nd)
2021.02. Elected as a member of the Hwaseong Chamber of Commerce (11th)
2020.02. Win-win Forum AP (Asian Potential) CEO course completion (14th)
2017.02. Acquired Bachelor of Engineering, Department of Automotive Engineering, Suwon University
2013.02. Completion of Industrial Technology Best Management Training Institute (26th)
2012.04. Completion of the Ritsumeikan University MOT executive program training course
2010.10. Completion of KAIST Parts & Materials CEO Course (6th)
2009.04. Completion of Global Bench-marking Intensive Course (Japan)
2008.06. Completion of the Boston University CEO training course (the 5th)
2007.04. Completed Waseda University IT Business School in Japan (15th term)
2006.09. Completed the Tsinghua University CEO course in China (1st term)
2006.06. Small and Medium Business Corporation World Class Management CEO Training Course (7th)
1999.07. 21st Century Co., Ltd. (Corporate name change) Appointed as CEO
1999.07. Established 21st Century Precision Corporation
1996.05. Founded in the 21st century (cutting tool manufacturing)
1995.03. Promotion of localization of mining tools
1993.05. Kia Motors Hwaseong Plant Localization of Cutting Tools
1989.08. Joined the R&D team of Daehan Junggi Co., Ltd.
2022.07. Korea Association for Industrial Technology Promotion – Awarded the Korea Engineer Award
2022.05. Awarded a certificate of honor in the Korean Red Cross membership award category
2021.12. Commemoration of the 58th Trade Day – Awarded 5 Million Dollar Export Tower
2021.11. Ministry of Employment and Labor – Skilled Korean of the Month
2021.10. The 22nd Small and Medium Business Technology Innovation Competition – Received the Minister of Small and Medium Venture Business Award
2021.07. Awarded a silver medal in the Korean Red Cross membership award category
2021.07. 2021 8th Global Hope Pen Award – Grand Prize in Management
2020.12. 2020 New Technology Commercialization Promotion Competition – Prime Minister’s Group Citation
2018.12. 2018 Venture Startup Promotion Commendation – Received the Minister of Small and Medium Venture Business Award
2014.12. 2014 Korea Sharing Practice Grand Prize – Gender Equality and Family Committee Chairperson Award
2014.12. Awarded the 51st Trade Day Commemoration – 3 Million Dollar Export Tower Award
2013.09. 14th Small and Medium Business Technology Innovation Competition – Prime Minister Award
2008.04. Awarded the 41st Science Day Award – Minister of Education, Science and Technology Award

21century Technology system

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