Laser Polishing Technology

We have polishing technology using laser that cannot be implemented in general polishing companies.
Using this, it can be used for large-area flattening polishing, peeling technology, and patterning technology.

Technology Introduction

Generally speaking, polishing refers to mechanical polishing using ceramic slurry and fire polishing mainly used in quartz and sapphire.
Polishing technology using laser has often been technically mentioned, but it has not been applied to industrial sites.
Accordingly, 21C realized the need for polishing technology to correct the fine flatness after precise grinding.
Therefore we developed laser polishing equipment in cooperation with overseas leading research institutes and applied them to industrial sites.
Laser polishing technology is a unique core technology of 21C, and it is being used in various fields such as large-area polishing, fine correction after grinding, and patterning technology.

Laser Polishing Principle and Method

Multi-Function Surface Processing Technology

Femto-Second Green Laser


High Precision Stage based on
Real-time Measurement

  • Nano(10-9) Second IR Laser → Femto(10-15) Second Green Laser
  • Multi-Function : Laser Planing + Laser Nano Polishing

Nanopolishing technology using ultra-short laser

Ultra-short laser eco-friendly ultra-precision polishing technology application

All fields of industry!! We are particularly specialized in this area.
Complex shape
Large area
Optional processing
Process flexibility
Process flexibility

21century Technology system

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