Precision Grinding Technology (ELID)

21C has the highest level of precision grinding technology that does not cause quality degradation due to frequent dressing, a problem in the existing industry.


Precision grinding technology is essential for the processing and production of precision parts, and precision parts are particularly used in semiconductor/LCD, MLCC, and secondary battery fields.
The problem with general grinding techniques is that you have to continue dressing according to the amount of wheel wear after grinding, but it is difficult to maintain the same quality because the wheel surface changes slightly after dressing.

On the other hand, ELID grinding technology can solve this problem because it allows continuous work without dressing.
The 21century implements high-precision grinding technology based on its own ELID technology and know-how, and the products produced through this boast high-precision flatness and quality that are generally difficult to produce.


ELID grinding technology (vacuum plate)

  • Improve surface illumination of VACUUM PLATE, BLADE
  • Burr reduction that occurs during grinding
  • Continuous operation without any dressing
Ra 0.018 ㎛ Ra 0.010 ㎛

Ultra-precision surface grinding with flatness of 5 μm or less is possible


ELID grinding technology (blades)

  • EL-BLADE Characteristics
  • Materials : Tungsten Carbide, Zirconia etc.
  • Blade Thickness(t1) : 100 ㎛
  • Blade Edge Thickness(t2) : Below 0.2 ㎛
  • Blade Edge Linearity : Below 5 ㎛
  • Blade Edge Symmetry : Below 3 ㎛
  • Blade Edge Roughness : Ra 0.02 ㎛
  • Angle(θ) Accuracy : ±0.3°

EL-BLADE Cutting Quality

  • Improved surface finish of VACUUM PLATE, BLADE
  • Reduced burr generation during grinding
  • Automation of Manual Dressing Tasks

21century Technology system

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