We will become 21C Co., Ltd. that strives to secure high-quality brand values ​​that can stand tall in the global market and to meet customer needs.


21C identifies and responds to business-related issues in the field of sustainability management, and identifies and discloses material issues in this report to transparently communicate with stakeholders about their performance.
In particular, the major issues presented by UNGM’s SP were reflected in the company’s sustainability management items.

CEO’s Message

21C, which enjoys constant change while keeping pace with the trends of the international community, for over 20 years, laser processing and chip breaking have been continuously developed to increase the lifespan and performance of high-quality consumable tools and parts used throughout the industry. We are developing unprecedented research and new technologies, and we are contributing to national development by using our innovative technology to carry out various national tasks.

In particular, we will do our best to achieve SDGs 8.3 and 9.9.B.
21C will secure high-quality brand values ​​that can stand tall in the global market and to respond to customer needs.

Goal 8Promoting sustainable, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all

8.3 Promotion of development-oriented policies that support productive activities, job creation, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation Fostering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Goal 9Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable commercialization and promote innovation

9.b Support for domestic technology development, research and innovation in developing countries by guaranteeing industrial environment policies that add product value and diversification of industries

Business with SDGs

Carry out for SDG 8.3 & 9.9.B : Global IO-Procurement Marketer

21C contributes to the achievement of SDGs 8.3 and 9.9.B through the global procurement marketer business.
The 21C’s strategy to enter the international procurement market is linked with the SDGs, and the excellent products supplied by the 21C will contribute to the industrial development of developing countries, resulting in productive activities, job creation, and SME promotion. 21C will support technology development, research and innovation in developing countries through this project.
If there is a company that wants to transfer our technology, we will work hard to make the transfer of technology through mutual consultation.

SDGs Achievement Goals

SDG 8.3
SDG 9.9.B

Increase in employment rate(SDG 8.3)
21C supplies excellent products to the international organization rescue market to improve productivity and create jobs by supplying core products that companies need.

Value-added ratio of middle and high-end technology industry (SDG 9.9.B)
21C provides ideas for related products so that companies’ technology development, research and innovation can take place based on UNGM’s SP standards.

Enhancing sustainability throughout the supply chain

21C strives to manage risks and opportunities in the supply chain and grow together by considering sustainability at all stages, including selection, operation, and evaluation of suppliers.
In addition, under the philosophy of ‘The competitiveness of the 21st century comes from suppliers’, we are supporting our suppliers so that they can grow with competitiveness.

Environmental safety

Suppliers must meet the standards of 23 articles including industrial safety, firefighting facilities, occupational health, hazardous substances, and environmental facilities. In particular, the 9 major provisions such as fire extinguishing facilities, hazardous materials and waste, and sewage facilities are mandatory compliance items.

Labor rights area

We conduct on-site inspections to ensure that suppliers comply with 19 provisions, including voluntary work, observance of working hours, and non-discrimination. In particular, the 8 provisions of the contract in their mother tongue, prohibition of child labor, protection of underage workers, observance of working hours, guarantee of statutory rest/leave, accurate wage antenatal/payment, provision of pay stubs/prohibition of late payment of wages, and payment of withholding tax are mandatory. is.

Eco Partner Area

We trade only with companies that have obtained TCG Eco Partner certification by checking the supplier’s product environment policy, education and training, and whether hazardous substances are included. Through this, we are managing suppliers’ delivery quality and social and environmental impact together.


21C holds domestic and international certifications to sustainably procure reliable products and services.
To this end, 21C holds ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 international certifications.
In addition, we hold a number of domestic and foreign technology patents for continuous technological development.

Carbide cutter

Vacuum jig
perforation method

Chip breaker

blade grinding

flat grinding

Femtosecond laser
Edge machining

Femtosecond laser
Edge machining (PCT)

MLCC lamination mold

MLCC lamination mold

MLCC lamination mold

21C trademark registration

21century Technology system

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