Certificate of K-RE100 Registration

Private R&D Innovation Merit Commendation

Korea Engineer Award

Korea Engineer Award

model taxpayer award

5 million dollar export tower

3 million dollar export tower

million dollar export tower

Global Village Hope Pen Award

Korea Global Brand Awards

UNICEF letter of appreciation

Commendation from Minister of SMEs and Startups

Commendation from the Women and Family Committee

Prime Minister's Commendation

Commendation from the Minister of Education, Science and Technology

Commendation for Merit in Growth and Development of Small and Medium Businesses

Small and Medium Business Innovation Merit Award

Prime Minister's Commendation for Industrial Promotion

certificate of small and medium-sized enterprises

Certificate of Designation of Excellent Enterprise Research Laboratory

Shinbostar Enterprise Selection Form

certificate of root enterprise

confirmation of venture companies

certificate of technological innovation SMEs

Global Small Enterprise Designation

certificate of excellent small and medium-sized enterprises

New technology certificate

Promising Small and Medium Business in Gyeonggi-do

Inno-Biz confirmation

Venture Business Confirmation

Certificate of company affiliated research institute

Trademark registration certificate

ISO 14001

ISO 9001

21century Technology system

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