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21Century Co., Ltd. , Wins Certificate of Next-Generation World’s Top Commodity Producers

The Korea Industrial Intelligence Association announced that 21Century Co., Ltd. was selected as the “next...
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21Century Co., Ltd. Wins Certificate of the Next Generation World’s Top Commodity Producers

21st Century Co., Ltd. announced on the 9th that it was selected as the next-generation...
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The 1st Technology Developer’s Day… “These are Edison of the 21st century”

  Korea Engineer Award Ceremony “Technical Development Day, National Day” ​ The first technology developer’s...
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LG Energy Solution Choi Sang-hoon and Kim Sung-hwan of 21st Century Award for Engineer Award in July

    (Seoul=Yonhap News) Reporter Moon Dayoung announced on the 11th that the Ministry of...
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21st Century Exceeds Ultra-precise Laser Technology in Germany and Japan

      “Kim Seong-hwan, CEO of 21st Century, Developed the World’s First Ultra-precise Cutting...
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21st Century Co., Ltd. Participated in “Smart Factory + Automation World 2021”.

  21st century is recognized for its technological prowess in the field of ultra-precision laser...
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21st Century Co., Ltd. leads the world market with ultra-precision laser processing technology!

Located in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province, the 21st century is a manufacturer that produces ultra-precision laser...
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CEO Kim Seong-hwan in the 21st century Co., Ltd.

  Ultra-precise parts production “has the world’s No. 1 technology ​ 【Hwaseong Internet Newspaper】Reporter Cho...
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