Pick-up Tools

21C produces and supplies TCB Pick-up Tools in the semiconductor sector, Flip Chip Die, and Pick-up Tools in the camera module sector.

Pick-up Tools

21C processes and manages high-precision floor plans/right angles based on 30 years of processing technology, and based on this, it produces and supplies various high-precision Pick-up tools. 21C uses various materials such as hard metal, ceramic, and STS420J2 depending on the application for Pick-up tools.
Accordingly, 21C is optimized for precise processing of various materials.
The floor plan of Attach part is managed with some products 0.001 and is supplied to customers with the best quality.


Camera Module Pick-up Tools TCB Bonding Tools Flip-chip Die SMT Pick-up Tools Ceramic Pick-up Finger


Camera Module Bonding Tool
    • During the production process of camera modules for mobile phones, the Attach Bonding Tool used in bonding PCBs and image sensors ensures high yield and precision.

  • Material : Alumina, AIN, Copper
  • Application : Pick-up and bonding tools for cameras module production.

Pick-up Tools Precision Shape Processing Technology

Machined surface of other companies’ ceramic tools 21C Ceramic Tool Machined surface
The 21C ceramic tool completes the processing of the attachment line neatly through precision processing and precision grinding using high-speed processing equipment (MCT).
The inner line of the attachment is related to the denting phenomenon, so high-level grinding technology is required.

Ceramic Pick-up Tools Material

High-quality material: 99.99% ultra-purity ceramic with minimal pore on the contact surface.

99.7% materials of other companies(ivory) 21C 99.99% materials(white)
The 99.99% ceramic material of 21C has the advantage of very small particles and rare pores due to its ultra-high purity and ultra-fine powder, significantly lowering the sticking phenomenon, and ensuring a longer replacement cycle with strength and high hardness.

Pick-up, protection technology

Technology for preventing dent: Has technology for preventing dent that occurs when bonding the sensor unit.

Before dent prevention After dent prevention
It has edge surface processing technology to prevent stamping, which is a chronic quality problem of ceramic tools and steel tools of the heating bonding type, and thus, bonding tools for camera modules manufactured in 21C rarely get stamped.

Heating Pick-up Tools Production Technology

Heat loss minimization technology: Minimize heat loss through optimized coupling of copper body and ceramic.

Existing ceramic tool 21C Ceramic Tool
The rest of the parts except for the attachment are made of copper to minimize heat loss and improve the tool function, and it is manufactured to maximize heat conduction through 21C bonding technology optimized for heating bonding type.
Flip-chip bonding die for semiconductor processing

A die consisting of 0.001 flat holes is required to soler after pick-up the die’s fine-sized solder ball used in the Flip-chip process. Therefore, the 21st century manufactures and supplies Flip-chip dies consisting of 0.001 flat quality and Ø0.03 microholes. It is also used as a contactless pick-up tool, called the NCP tool. (Non Contact Pick-up tools)

21century Technology system

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